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Style DIY - Gucci Shearling Leather Slippers

Style DIY - Gucci Shearling Leather Slippers

Ever wanted a shoe so badly but just shudder when you try to picture yourself making up reasons when you try to explain that you just had to have a $995 slipper to your investment banker?  I absolutely loved the Gucci shearling slippers that debuted in stores two seasons ago but I just can't spend that much on a slipper.  So I had the idea the other day to DIY them as there are so many incredibly comfy slippers on the market right now and I'm pretty handy around a fabric store. 

This DIY is super simple and won't take you long at all.  I went to Winners to grab a pair of loafers.  They were $29.99 and a nice deep purple/brown color which leans to more of a men's color then a women's and that's the point. The whole point of these loafers is to look like you are wearing your dad house shoe. It's now cool.

I also stopped and grabbed 40 inches of brown faux fur from fabricland on my way home which was on sale so I scored it for $5.99 and I had fabric glue at home already so I was good to go. 



1. Cut the faux fur strip in half lengthwise.

2. Place inside show with fur positioned all the way back to the heel of the shoe.

3. Trace shoe edge with sharpie all around heel where you need to cut the faux fur and cut carefully pulling the fur away as your cut so you only cut the fabric bottom. 

4. Slather on fabric glue to the bottom of the faux fur piece and place in shoe. Press for 1 min each shoe once in position to allow it to start to dry. 

5. Leave for 24 hours to let it fully attached and you are good to style them the next day! 




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