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The Capsule Collection and how to create your own dream wardrobe!

The Capsule Collection and how to create your own dream wardrobe!



99% of my friends closets are spilling over with too many clothes and the same comment I hear from them all the time is that they have nothing to wear!  Getting dressed everyday should be easy and fun and the only way to do that consistently I have found is with a capsule collection for each season.  A capsule collection is a curated number of pieces that you need in your wardrobe which all mix and match together perfectly to create all your outfit needs for a season.  Once you create one you become a believer. You will be telling everyone you know about this new style secret. It has made my life easier and has changed the way my friends shop.

Now that spring is starting to finally show it's sunny side, it has started to get me thinking about my spring capsule and what pieces I have, which ones I want to mix & match, and what I need to add to my wardrobe to make dressing and style a breeze for my busy schedule.  Watch the full segment to see 9 outfits with just 12 pieces here. I also put all the information and links to shop the your capsule below. 

Before you hit the mall there are 5 steps you need to complete to create the perfect capsule collection. 

1. Take a look at your clothing and pull out only the clothing you wear on a daily basis and love!

2. Chose a color theme for your capsule by looking at the pieces you just pulled out.  Are there a lot of neutrals? Only basic black? Do you seem to love earth tones?  Figure out your colors and and take pictures of some of your favorite items so when you shop you only purchase pieces that match well with the ones you currently have! 

3. Read through the capsule list below and check off the items you already own and then make a list of the items you need to purchase. 

4. Time to shop! Hit the mall and only purchase the missing pieces from the list below. Don't get distracted by trends and what the sales associate is selling you.

5. Gather all the items for your capsule and try on all the different outfit combos and take pictures of each one so you can reference them when you are in a rush. I like to keep a folder in my phone for outfit ideas.

Capsule Check-List

#1 : White Trench Coat - A wardrobe classic.  Definitely invest in one with minimal details. I love an unstructured trench coat as it feels more modern and is the perfect silhouette for spring styles when mixing with other pieces in your closet.  Shop it here!

#2 - Grey Suede Moto Jacket - I love moto jackets!  One of the easiest ways to add edge to any look but when done in a suede it adds a ton of texture to every look as well. Shop it here!

#3- Tailored Jumpsuit- A girls best friend for versatility!  Look for a tailored fit as opposed to a casual relaxed style as it can easily be dressed up or down. This piece is also essential for the capsule as the layering options are endless!  Pair with a t shirt under the jumpsuit or over, layer with the chambray shirt as well, or make a statement for a night out with the cut out showing in the back of this one from artizia.  Shop similiar here!

#4- White Jeans with frayed hem- White denim is one of those styles that women either love or hate. My tip is to get a thicker denim so that you get good coverage which also helps smooth out the leg line.  My favorite pair of the season is from Over the Rainbow and you can purchase those here

#5- Metallic Pleated Skirt- This one I found at club monaco and instantly knew it should be part of the capsule collection.  The pleats are fun and the metallic is a great addition to dressing up a look.  Tea length is a good length if you want to maximize your wear of this piece. Shop it here! 

#6 - Chambray Shirt- Denim on Denim is always a good look if you are Canadian and I am happy to promote the style every season.  For a unique look I do love the mixing of a light denim and the white jeans. You get the same look but with a twist.  Short sleeves in the spring keep the  look light!  I shopped this one in the men's section and you can too here. 

#7 - White T-Shirt - White tee shirts are the bomb! But white tee shirts with a silk front and a no brainer tie is even better.  The fit is relaxed and cool and the tie can be tucked in or worn out. Shop this fave shirt here!

#8- Metallic High Heel - the way to bring a look together is often with your shoes. A metallic heel elevates an otherwise basic pump and dresses up any of these outfit combos in an instant. Shop these here

#9 - Mule - Slip on and go. This style packs a lot of style punch with the textured fringe applique and are super comfortable to wear all day because they don't have a heel. This will be your fave shoe all spring and summer. Shop them here. 

#10 - Metallic Clutch - Look for one in the same metallic color as your heels.  I love clutches and always just make sure they fit your phone! This one is from Evernew

#11- City Bag - If you know me then you know I love a good city bag. One that can fit all your daily needs and still be stylish and hands free with a great cross body strap!  This one is perfect to complete your capsule from Poppy Barley. 

#12 - Printed Scarf - the style options are really endless with a scarf.  You can transform one into a belt, a bag handle, or surprise your friends with endless ways to tie them. This one is from evernew and find one that compliments your capsule collection color theme!  Shop similiar!

Closet Must Haves for a Stylish Spring

Closet Must Haves for a Stylish Spring

The Coolest shop @ the 33km mark in Tulum

The Coolest shop @ the 33km mark in Tulum